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One also must bear in mind that a prisoner's woes and hassles are not usually confined to him alone. His tenure costs friends and family money and time for shopping, goods delivery, and visitation. For instance, problems that John's wife had to face weekly, especially during the Covid-19 quarantine, to keep John supplied, were hardly trivial. It entailed shopping for and cooking enough food for a week, for him and his cellmates, carefully checking prison rules on what is allowed to enter the prison and how to find ways to sneak in disallowed items. Another stop for her is the pharmacy to acquire prescription drugs, which are a hassle to get into the prison but which are essential for her husband's health (especially given that prison infirmary drugs are mediocre or of interior quality). Sometime a good friend like Valentin had to go to a pharmacy in Santiago to get some hard-to-find prescription, or to go to one of John's doctors in Santiago to get the script itself, e…